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quarta-feira, dezembro 05, 2001

Lia, you're a Lethal Weapon!
You're smart, slick, and fast. You break rules. You start trends. MTV wants to interview you. You love loud, obnoxious parties where you can let it all hang out. No structure, please. You hate routine and boring, predictable people. You get cabin fever if you're cooped up too long — say, five minutes or so. But you adapt to new situations as smooth as butter. Well, maybe chunky peanut butter.
You're open-minded, enthusiastic, and popular with both people and pets. Sure, you had bad hair in high school, but now you've got style. Everyone wants to be your friend. They buy you drinks and give you nicknames. But at home, late at night with the shades pulled down, you secretly question your self-worth, wondering if you're really all you're cracked up to be. Then you go to bed.
You hate seeing the same old faces at work day after day. But at the same time, you're a great leader among them. You're motivated and serious, and you always jump at the chance to take on a new project. Innovation and abstract thinking are your strengths. But sometimes you'd rather just work on an independent project so you can do your stuff without having to deal with people.
* * *
É. Sou eu.

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Este site está em novo endereço: visite para novidades e updates!
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